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Making personal and community music

Has been a part of every culture

Around the world and throughout history.

Joy of Music Co. is about the music that is in you!

It's in your voice. It's in your heartbeat.

It's in your thoughts. It's in your entire being.

You are designed for the JOY OF MUSIC!!


Joy of Music Co. is a unique music learning place because:


We give all students the opportunity to grow "music inside" which is the ability to hear, move, and create music with AND without notes. Being able to read music is an important part of music development, but developing the ability to improvise within tonalities and meters is just as important.


We emphasize music for personal expression and participation, not necessarily performance. We recognize that performance is an option for those who are well prepared, and are growing important inner music skills. But making music is definitely not limited to performance, but is as important to our well-being as laughter.


Performance need not focus on perfection. Perfection can be a fantasy even for professional musicians. Technical accuracy and artistry are extremely important, but if that is the focus, the performance will fall flat. The best performances are sharing the joy, beauty and emotions a musician experiences with others. It is a gift we give away.


We teach in a "student focused" manner, recognizing that each teacher must be just as aware of the students needs, strengths, weaknesses and desires than their own teaching agenda.


We believe every person has the potential to make their own music with joy and skill.

Contact Information

You are welcome to contact  Joy of Music Co. by telephone at 425-353-2835 or or use the contact form below.  The private studio (by appointment only) is located at 10617 Holly Dr., Everett, WA 98204.

Anyone can become a music maker!


Kids Who Don't Sing In Tune

Hearing loss inspired singer to teach others

Learn to sing, dance or play drums at weekend workshops


  A community dedicated to helping people find education


We are sorry, but large numbers of spam have forced us to take down our form. To register for a class or request information, please click one of the e-mail links below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Anyone can become a music maker!

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