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Practice makes POSSIBLE.

-Susan Colla


Chapter 4


Quit Trying So Hard!


    Once Joan began to understand when and how her vocal development stopped, she was able to begin it again.  As I listened to her sing, showing me what she had been doing for those years, I understood why.


    Joan, like nearly all who have not been nurtured musically but nonetheless want very badly to sing, was trying too hard.  This usually took the form of tightening up the throat, in an attempt to "make something happen."




    A young child internalizes language skills in the context of freedom, acceptance, and play.  Learning an internalizing musical skills happens in just the same way.  Can you imagine a child of two or three being taught language skills by being required to repeat a set of drills, by being shown how to pronounce one sound at a time, and then drilling on that?  Or even more absurd would be requiring a child to learn how to read before they speak.  Yet, that is the manner our culture has traditionally thought music was learned.


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