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Can't sing?

Wish you could?

Singing for Non-Singers Workshop! 

Contact Joy of Music Co. for info on the next available workshop. (Use contact form at the bottom of this page)


Bring a Friend who registers and receive $5 off!

You will learn to: 


Develop your tonal memory, the key to any musical success.


Practice relaxation and breathing techniques, which relieve many of the stresses of unsure singing.


Use your entire singing range.


Sing for play, personal enjoyment, and expression


What attendees have said:

"This has been a class I should have taken years ago."

"I found I could sing...after all those years."

"Thank you for giving me my voice!"


Why the Non-Singers' Workshop? 


Thousands of individuals have not received the guidance and encouragement needed to find their own personal singing voice. Many long to be able to feel good about singing, but fear and shame, based on a lack of understanding, are too strong.

We Believe:


Everyone has the equipment to sing. We can help you find that equipment, and use it. You can unlock the mysteries of confident singing. YES YOU CAN!!!


Singing involves your total being (that's why it can be scary!) and can create beauty, community and fun!


You CAN develop an ability to sing with confidence. This confidence can continue to develop as an avenue for personal expression and joy that can last a lifetime.

Contact Ruth through the contact form below or call 425.353.2835 with any questions.

 If you would like a Singing for Non-Singer's Workshop in your area, please contact us. We would love to talk with you.

We are sorry, but large numbers of spam have forced us to take down our form. To register for a class or request information, please click one of the e-mail links below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Anyone can become a music maker!

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