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Music Growtime is for For Children 4 to 6 years  


Music is a form of "language" and is best nurtured in the "language learning years" (birth to age seven). The foundations laid in early childhood will give a strong basis for musical growth and expression throughout life. 

We emphasize a positive, accepting atmosphere and uses "play-centered" instruction that is developmentally appropriate and utilizes important early music learning research.

Music Growtime gives the opportunity for each child to grow in musical potential and skills through creative exploration and playful guidance, in a context of love and the Joy of Music!


Contact Joy of Music Co. for information about hosting Music GrowTime in your home or by your organization!

See contact form below.



What is Music Growtime?  


40 minutes packed with creative, interactive, research proven learning experiences, which grow musical potential.


One class per week.


A non-threatening, casual setting where parents or care-givers are included to learn alongside your child, so reinforcement can continue at home.


Class size is limited to facilitate individual encouragement, interaction, and feedback.

Classes Include:


A rich musical content based on over 35 years of teaching music, plus the most thorough and recent music learning research of the Gordon Music Learning Theory.


Tonality and improvisatory training, which are keys to developing "Music Inside."


Movement designed to developing internalized rhythmic skill, and musical processing.


Building a positive framework for a growing singing voice, and musical ability for a lifetime.


A developmentally appropriate introduction to the language of note reading and piano keyboard navigation. (The focus alternates between introductions to piano and note reading in a two-year cycle.)


Lots of puppets, singing, games, movement, laughter, silliness and great FUN!!


Your Music Growtime Teacher/Coach is Ruth King Goddard M.A.

Ruth King Goddard, founder and owner of Joy of Music Co., has been building musical skills in both non-musicians and musicians for almost forty years. She is known by her enthusiastic, patient ability to make difficult concepts easy to grasp, in the context of fun and acceptance.
Ruth has taught music in public, private, and home-schools, from pre-school through college level, tone deaf to professional. She has a private studio where she teaches children and adults voice, piano and various instruments. She also teaches various group classes for newborns (and parents) to adults. 
Based on her experience with “non-singers,” Ruth has developed an early childhood music curriculum that is being prepared for publication. She is also an award-winning singer/songwriter, having produced two albums of her original songs.
Ruth has been studying the groundbreaking Gordon Music Learning Theory with the original researchers. This research is demonstrating how children actually grow in musical skills, and is giving tremendous tools for musical growth for all ages.


Tuition is: $100 per 10 week session. This is non-refundable after the second class.  Payment may be made in installments adding a small additional fee with each payment.

Classes are cumulative, so most effective with regular attendance. However, please do not bring your child if he/she has a fever, or may be contagious in any way (except laughter!).

How do I get started?


Using the Contact Link below, you may request hosting information for Music Growtime. This will be emailed to you as an attachment, or mailed if requested and a mailing address is supplied.



What Parents Say:

"Thank you for all the "joy of music" you have brought to my child's life this year. I really feel it has accelerated her creativity and enriched her senses."

"It's a great way for kids to get excited about the world of music and have fun. It was fun to see her "teach" me what she learned."

"Sarah has an early start on musical skills. I consider your program essential for getting Sarah started. Additionally and more importantly, she loves it."

Click here to see more "What Parents Say"


Contact Information

You are welcome to contact the Joy of Music Co. by telephone at 425-353-2835 or e-mail ruth@joyofmusicco.com.

The Joy of Music Co. Studio is accessible by appointment only, and is located at 10617 Holly Dr., Everett, WA 98204. Music Growtime is not located at the studio, but at the location noted above.

(Contact us if you would like to see Music Growtime at your child's school, or other location.)



We are sorry, but large numbers of spam have forced us to take down our form. To register for a class or request information, please click one of the e-mail links below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Anyone can become a music maker!

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