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Vocal Instruction:

  Our Philosophy of Singing:



Each individual has the capacity to be a singer. Whether for performance, or just the joy of singing, the equipment needed to sing for joy is present in every individual who can speak expressively.


There are specific skills that our culture has lost in passing along music to succeeding generations. Joy of Music Co. teaches these skills. Whether a "non-singer" or an unsure singer, within a short time anyone can begin to grow in vocal confidence.


Joy of Music Co. teachers are also experienced and accomplished vocalists who are able to individually facilitate more advanced skills such as: vocal freedom, performance poise and confidence, and various technical skills which can create a powerful performance.


We also are skilled in assisting students to overcome various vocal problems due to incorrect instruction or physical problems.


We train in individualized sessions based on goals established by both the instructor and the student. We teach relaxed and energized, vocal production for performance, as well as one's own personal enjoyment. Additional instruction in various musicianship skills will enable the student to utilize their vocal skills with confidence.

We Emphasize:

(According to level of development.)


Finding and Building on your natural voice.


Relaxed, energized tonal production including: Posture, breath, articulation, enunciation, and resonation.


Music "inside", (ear training)


Overcoming vocal "road-blocks."


Performance anxiety.

Instrumental Instruction 

Our Philosophy of Instrumental Instruction:

Each individual has the capacity to enjoy playing a musical instrument. Whether for performance, or just the joy of it, with regular practice the skills needed to play an instrument can be learned.

To be able to play any instrument with confidence, one must not only conquer the technical skills of playing, but also be able to build "Inner Music," which is the ability to hear and feel music in inside as, or even before, it is played.

This Inner Music is called audiation, and is a foundational piece of successfully making any type of music. Building this "inner music" also involves internalizing timing skills through movement and vocal patterns. The ability to be able to play a musical instrument for one's own enjoyment is a worthy goal, and we work to make the learning process as simple as possible, to gain the greatest amount of skill and joy!

We Emphasize:

Developing Inner Music by growing the inner sense of rhythm and tonal skills, to facilitate enjoyable, creative playing. This then makes improvisational and compositional skills as well as "playing by ear" accessible.


Simultaneous building of sight-reading and various technical skills that create rich tone, and artistic playing.


Relaxed and energized technique for performance, and/or for one's own personal enjoyment.


Individualized sessions based on goals established by both the instructor and the student.

(All of the above are tailored to the individual according to their level of development.)

How do I get started?

Using the following form, you may request a registration form for Private lessons. This will be mailed to you including the Studio Policy and Student/Parent Agreement.

When the registration form and payment are returned to the Joy of Music Co., we will contact you to schedule your first session.


Registration/Set-up/Initial Session fee is $35.00 (Required before scheduling. Includes $25 deposit on the first lesson, and the $10 yearly studio fee.)

Payment for lessons are to be made by the first lesson of each month for that month. If at the time of payment, Joy of Music is notified of specific dates that the student cannot attend class, those dates can be deducted from the total amount. Otherwise cancellations must be made at lease 72 hours (preferably one week before lesson time so that time-slot can be rescheduled.)

Lesson Costs:

One lesson per week lasting:


1/2 hour: $100/month ($25/lesson)


1 hour: $180/month ($45/lesson)



Contact Information:

You are welcome to contact the Joy of Music Co. by telephone at 425-353-2835 or use the contact form below.  The Joy of Music Co. is located at 10617 Holly Dr., Everett, WA 98204, by appointment only.

Student Comments



We are sorry, but large numbers of spam have forced us to take down our form. To register for a class or request information, please click one of the e-mail links below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Anyone can become a music maker!

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