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 What Parents Say


"Macayla has found her singing voice when she is alone playing. When she hears harmonious music playing, she closes her eyes, drinking in the music and smiles from ear to ear. You are a gift to us all. Thank you so deeply."

"Thank you so much for the musical awareness you are developing in Quincy. We appreciate your creative and developmental approach!"

"Kyle is developing a love and understanding of music that surprised and delighted me."

"I never thought a child so young could learn the concepts that are being taught in these classes."

"I would absolutely recommend parents enroll their children in this class!"

"I most definitely recommend!!"

"A great class to introduce your child to learning music!"

"Excellent for a young child! Basic foundations are wonderful for continued growth and enjoyment of music!"

"My child comes home and we talk about what he did in music, and how much he enjoys it."

"He is gaining such self-confidence since he started your class!"

"He cries if he misses your class, he loves it so much!"

Contact Information:

You are welcome to contact the Joy of Music Co. by telephone at 425-353-2835 or use the contact form below. The Joy of Music Co. is located at 10617 Holly Dr., Everett, WA 98204, by appointment only. 

Anyone can become a music maker!


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