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"Thank you for bringing the Joy of Music to my family. Your teaching has brought important changes, that have become  staples in our daily life.

"As an adult whose family laughed when I said I was joining choir, I'm applying the philosophy from your class, that a mom's singing is for our joy, not for anyone's entertainment. Now my sons like my singing, and they never laugh, and they are singing, too. Thank you for enabling me to encourage my childrens singing growth without my embarassment.

"I use your songs as a tool to help me get past my frustrating moments. The music enables me to gain control, change my focus, change my kids focus, and smile. For example, when we are on a walk and my toddler, Kiyoshi, decides he needs to be carried, we sing “Going and going HOP! Going going STOP!” He still wants to be carried, but at least he is amused enough to go a little further on his own. Then I simply change the song.

"Your songs have also increased my son’s awareness of the music of nature and man. He stops to listen to the bees before singing “Busy Bees”. He listens to the chugging and tooting of the trains in the distance, and mimics the tone oh-so-well. He even stops what he is doing in order to hear the birds singing.

"When I turn on classical music, my toddler comes running into the room and hop on the couch to sit and listen. In fact, he has even told me to turn off the television and turn on the music. On weekend mornings, when I get to sleep a little extra, I wake to find that my son is sitting quietly on the couch enjoying his morning cup of milk and music with dad. No Saturday morning cartoons for this family. They are too boring.

"When my husband is at wits end, he will pull out the guitar and start singing to our children. Sure enough, our toddler will sit down and sing with him. We even use audiation as a family. Kiyoshi’s grandparents will call him on the telephone, start a song, and let him fill in the blanks.

"Your class is really a daily life experience class for my family. Thank you for the personal attention, thank you for encouraging us to sing, thank you for teaching us to hear the music in our minds. It is a relief not to be attending any of the trendy music classes. Your class is pure joy and I really appreciate how well it flows and how quickly you adapt it to the students needs of the day.

"I could probably write a book about how your music class has enhanced our daily life!" 


My 20 month old son loves going to music class! He loves doing the activities and songs at home, too. He is really learning, as he is active and having such fun! I know he is getting a solid musical start for a lifetime love of music.


"My 5 month old, was absorbing so much from your music class, that all the way home his little legs and hips were still wiggling [evidence of musical processing in the brain]. He continued this happily throughout the evening, and even when he woke the next morning!"



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