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        Who Me, A Music-Maker?

Music is a very central component of who we are as human beings. Every individual is born with the desire and potential to express themselves musically. 

This does not mean that everyone is a performer. Rather, it is important to recognize that every individual has the right and the ability to learn to make music for their own expression and enjoyment. 

For most of human history, and in most cultures around the world today, music has been a communal activity, a vital part of home, work, play, worship and relationships. It is a powerful outlet for emotions and communication. 

Music is similar to a language and it's aptitude is nurtured in early childhood in much the same way our spoken language is learned. Sadly, our culture has lost the ability not only to make music in the home, but also to pass the musical language from one generation to another. 

Contrary to popular belief, everyone is born with all the equipment they need to make music. The fact that we feel we can't make music is not because we are stupid, or deficient in some way. Rather it is because we did not have the opportunity to grow our musical skills in our language learning years. 

Only in our performance-oriented American culture do we have such a broad population of so-called "non-musicians". We have separated the "haves" from the "have-nots", and have actually created a tonally illiterate culture. 

By teaching individuals the secrets to growing "music inside" anyone can become a joyful music-maker. With 30 years of success, and the evidence of new music learning research, Joy of Music Co. is ready and able to provide individuals of all ages a joyful springboard to a life of music-making!


Why Kids Need Music

Plato once said that music "is a more potent instrument than any other for education."

Our culture has lost the ability to transfer musical skills from generation to generation. the majority of children growing up in America do not have the opportunity to build any of these skills.

"Properly timed and sequenced early music experiences can actually raise a child's musical aptitude. By age nine a child's overall musical aptitude becomes stabilized. The earlier music training is begun, the higher the profit in aptitude." Edwin E. Gordon, PHD

Early experiences determine which brain cells (neurons) will connect with other brain cells, and which ones will die away. "Because neural connections are responsible for all types of intelligence, a child's brain develops to its full potential only with exposure to the necessary enriching experiences in early childhood." Journal of Neurological Research, Feb. 2, 1997


Links To More Research On The Benefits Of Musical Training

Contact Information

You are welcome to contact the Joy of Music Co. by telephone at 425-353-2835 or use the contact form below.  The Joy of Music Co. is located at 10617 Holly Dr., Everett, WA 98204, by appointment only. 

Anyone can become a music maker!


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